Monthly Interview: REALITY X

The first of the Monthly Interview series is starting off with none other than EVEPortraits creator, REALITY X. So let’s get started!


Q: When i’ve first met you in Jita you were selling collectors items and soon you’ve started the Eveportraits project. Where did the idea came from?


A: On November 3, 2011 I slipped and hit my head on the bathroom sink while standing on the toilet to hang a clock. When I came to, I had a vision of thousands of EVE portraits. Joking aside, I felt a forum was needed to showcase some of the amazing portraits I was beginning to see inside the game, a place everyone could go to enjoy them. Also, I wanted the players to be proud of their creations. The contest just seemed to me as a natural extension of the idea, as another way to get attention to the website. However, the contest’s main purpose is to encourage creativity.

The fictional history of EVE Portraits goes like this: Splinter Cage, the CEO of Dark Star MegaCorp, was an executive at Quafe Company when I approached her with my idea for a capsuleer portrait gallery and competition. I described how it could be beneficial to the New Eden community, and also help promote their soft drink.

Quafe liked the idea so much that they assisted Ms. Cage in establishing the new MegaCorp, bringing my commodities corporations under its wing, and I created EVE Portraits with Quafe sponsorship.

Q: If i’m correct you are a graphic designer and an artist IRL. What do you think about the submissions in general and are there any favourites of yours besides the winning entries?

A: Yes, you’re correct. I’m an artist and writer IRL. In my opinion, every EVE character portrait is unique and great in its own way. Obviously, some stand out more than others, and everyone has their own preference. As for favourites, yes, in fact there are quite a few submissions to the Gallery which are favourites of mine, who unfortunately have never entered the contest.

Q: Eveportraits is a year old now so happy anniversary \o/, Are you planning something “big” in the future or it is a secret?

Thankyou! It’s been a crazy and fun ride, and I’m happy that the community came along with me. As far as future secrets… we shall see. 😉

Q: The foundation of Eveportraits is the ingame character designer. What’s your opinion about the Character Designer and what would you like to see improved or changed?

A: Altho I’m not an avid gamer (outside of EVE), the Character Designer is the best one I’ve ever seen. However, there are some things which I think need improvement. One suggestion is to stop the background design and the figure itself from moving while editing facial features. It slows down the process and makes it tedious and sometimes frustrating. At least for me. I’d also like to see more choices continuously added (or cycled) of background images (stars, nebulas etc.) as well as a good selection of faction/corp related apparel and tattoos. Most of the portraits are also quite dark, and I’ve noticed a lack of bright colours. The addition of more purple, pink, yellow, and orange would be great. On the other hand, the dark is always more interesting and mysterious, don’t you think?

Q: As a relatively old character, you must have met a lot of people in EVE. What do you think about the people in eve in genereral?

A: Who you calling old?! I’m only on clone #3! Heh, just kidding (kinda). Yes, I’ve met a great number of people in EVE, the majority in the last year alone. For the most part everyone has been friendly and supportive in different ways, whether it be my commodities business or EVE Portraits. Over the years, some of these friendships have even transitioned to the real world, so that’s been great. For anyone really, it’s nice to see old friends still logging in, people you’ve known in the game since you started.

Q: Thank you for your time.

A: You’re very welcome, thank you and I hope you enjoy!


 That’s it for November’s Monthly Interview, be sure to stay tuned later on, i want to get things rolling. Oh and at last but not least:

Thank you REALITY X for being my first interviewee and I wish you luck with your endeavours in the future!





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